Thursday, 23 June 2011

We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (SNES)

Another game based on a movie.

Did they just flood fill the outline of that text? Look at the inside of the letters b, e and a.

If he's called Captain Neweyes, why is his brother called Professor Screweyes? Why do I even care?

Oh, by the way the music in this is somehow worse than you'd imagine.

We're dropping in to New York via parachute it seems.

I have to wonder if these dinosaurs even have parachute training.

Ah, it's a platformer. I'm a tyrannosaurus rex, so I have to be careful here in the big city. Physically I'm no match for the average human. Even brushing against one of those guys at the windows up there will injure me.

I should probably also avoid those bombs they're throwing down.

Fortunately I'm not entirely defenceless, I can throw rocks at people. A couple of hits is all it takes to kill them.

This is a rescue mission in hostile territory, so lethal force is approved.

What the hell? The road is blocked by barrels? Why can't I just go around them? I'm a dinosaur, can't I just kick them over on top of that guy over there?

I guess I have to go jumping on buildings then.

Ugh, this is so annoying. I can hit my head on the underside of these flagpoles, but I can't jump on top of them.

Yes I know that's actually very sensible and realistic, but I'm a dinosaur who just parachuted into New York on a rescue mission. I've got no time for 'realistic' dammit!

Wait, I can climb buildings in this game too? Why the hell can a t-rex climb a building?

Also I think I've just figured out the deal with these flagpoles. They're a dead end for climbing dinosaurs. Probably installed after the King Kong incident.

I backtracked to the very start of the level, and found I could climb up that building. Yeah the one with the dudes throwing bombs from the windows. At last we will get an answer to the question 'can a tyrannosaurus rex walk across a thin cable suspended between two buildings.

And the answer is, yes. Yes he can.

Okay, we're back near those barrels now. All I need to do is jump on this moving platform, and I'll be able to find a path over them for sure. Of course when I try to jump on the moving platform I jump so high that the platform is no longer on screen, giving me no clue where I'm suppose to land.

But the SECOND time I got all the way up there I was able to make the jump. And it don't lead to any path I can see. Just back down to that damn wall of barrels.

Next game.

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