Thursday, 7 April 2011

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron (SNES)

Whoa, this was a cartoon? I've never heard of it.

This is the map, apparently each of the outlined areas are 'worlds'. In clockwise order from top left they are 'fairground world, boat with a worm wrapped around it world, building with a curly tail world, and currently selected is Megakat city... world.

Well, we can't go to forest level world, and plane island doesn't seem to be selectable, so I guess I'll go to Megakat... holy shit the sun has a catface! That is creepy.

Fun Fact: A Megakat equals one million kats

You get to choose between playing as Chance "T-Bone" Furlong or Jake "Razor" Clawson. I went with Chance, because he was the one highlighted at the time I hammered the start button trying to get to some gameplay.

It's a platformer, and this gun... is totally useless it seems! Look at the bullets just bouncing off that guy. There's another short range weapon that can kill them though, but they split up into smaller enemies so you've got to be careful.

I'm sure there's a really obvious way to get this pickup, but I can't figure it out. I can't jump high enough, I can't double jump, doesn't seem to be a running jump. Meh I don't know what these things do anyway.

Weirdly you start with a fifth of a health bar, on level 00.

What, I can't use the ladder? I guess it does look like part of background.

Wow, I've just noticed that these barrels I'm jumping on have a radiation sign on them. That's a bit unsafe isn't it, dumping radioactive material in front of a restaurant.

Ugh, these little bastards! If I fire here I'm too low, if I jump up I'm too high. I can't angle my gun (not this one anyway, I can fire the useless gun diagonally just fine!) My kingdom for a homing laser...

Wow that's interesting, it says I'm on level 01 now. It seems that number actually refers to my character level! And killing these dudes is levelling me up! If I can ever hit the bastards!

Of course if I walk forward now he'll hit me just fine.

Level 2! I mean stage 2! And it appears I have Spider-kat powers. I can climb up walls!

Also, the timer has reset, interesting...

Wow, it would be cool if I could figure out a way to do this spinning jump when I'm not jumping from a wall. It lets you jump onto enemy's heads, knock them back and cause them an insignificant amount of damage. Of course you bounce right off again, so if you're not careful you can be bounced right back off the other side of the building.

And this level is full of blind jumps into bottomless pits... of instakill acid! Of course you can grab onto the wall if you're close enough and save yourself, but still...

I guess the developers took pity on people, because there's a free 1up at the very start of the level. So you can't actually lose a life here. It's consequence free.

Oh, but there is ONE consequence I've noticed. You keep your experience gains when you die.

Oh, and it seems like there's an extra life hidden at the END of the level too just above the last acid pit.

So, two extra lives for every one you lose, 9 minutes of time to kill enemies before you reset the timer. And the enemies respawn. If you wanted to grind, this would definitely be the place to do it.

Mystery pick ups and slime from the sky! Actually now I look at them in a still shot they look more like chunks of building. Those pick ups give you stuff like level ups and exp, it's almost like they're getting you ready for a boss.

Oh shit, there's a blue monster thing in the background!

Then suddenly we climb into a jet fighter and it switches to a continually spinning shoot 'em up sequence. It is ridiculous hard to hit any of those flying enemies, and eventually I stopped trying. In fact I died so often here I stopped trying to win. I just left it running to see the game over screen.

But I never ran out of lives, it just kept going forever! So started playing again and eventually managed to finish it without firing off a shot. Which was the opposite of fun.

We're inside the monster now, and it is STILL spinning. We've gotta target the weak point and evade the little purple things. I don't know what they are, but we're inside a giant slime monster so they can't be anything good.

Damn, the thing has an eye! And it's shooting eyes at me! I'll shoot his eye right back! That'll teach it to spin at me.

This level is a slippery slidey slimey sewerage world. It's not actually that slippery really, only at the points where it'd be annoying, like on those platforms. Those wooden platforms are lifts by the way, so sliding off them isn't helpful.

But then I get to the next level, and these purple platforms AREN'T lifts. Not, instead they become immaterial and drop you into an bottomless pit of death when you wait for them to move. And they're not a 'step on them and then jump off quick' type of deal. No, you have to stop and wait for them to reappear solid before you step on them.

Crap, I'm stuck. I've done three laps of this area and I can't find a way out of here. There's obviously more of the level above this room, but I can't get up there!

Oh, that black oval in the background is a door? But there was one at the start of the level where I came in and that wasn't a door (well I realise it was the door IN now), so I assumed these things were just background.

FINALLY a use for that other gun, it's a GRENADE LAUNCHER! Exclusively for use on these breakable walls it seems.


I make my way through a load more of these purple rooms, each with a door at the end. And then... I fall through a gap and land back in that room I was stuck in at the start! Well at least I know what was up there now.

Agh, I'm done. It was a reasonably well made game but I'm through with it. Next game.

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